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Choose pigeon countermeasure products by product type

In spring, the full-scale season of pigeon damage arrives. Thorough preparation before the season is important, so we are selling carefully selected countermeasures at our store! We have a range of high-quality pigeon control products that can withstand the use of professionals.
Pigeons have habits such as “1) resting pigeons → 2) waiting pigeons → 3) roosting pigeons → 4) nesting pigeons”. Please refer to the following and select the appropriate product according to the current countermeasure level.

Level 1: Resting pigeon

It arrives at a relatively bright time and stays for a short time. If no action is taken at this stage, the pigeons will perceive it as a safe place and move on to the next stage. First of all, in order to keep pigeons away using their habits, we recommend various repellents that are easy to introduce.

pigeon repellent
Can be used anywhere Easy handling

High-quality repellent for professionals. We have prepared various types of products that can be selected according to the countermeasure location, such as sprays, gels, and solid installations that use carefully selected ingredients that birds dislike. Please choose according to the place to take measures.

Level 2: Waiting Pigeon

It arrived at a relatively bright time, and stayed slightly longer than Level 1. If no action is taken at this stage, the pigeons will perceive it as a favorite place and stay there for a long time. We recommend that you take measures to physically prevent pigeons from flying by installing them in places where pigeons stop, such as the railing of the veranda or near the outdoor unit.

Bird-proof sword mountain of pigeons
Veranda outdoor unit Easy installation on flat ground Physically prevent

This is a high-quality bird-proof sword mount that uses weather-resistant resin. Due to the specifications that take into account the body structure of pigeons, it has the effect of physically preventing flying to the installation location.
* Since it is possible to move to another place nearby, we recommend that you respond to all places where there is a possibility of flying.

pigeon wire
Maintaining the landscape even in pipe-shaped places Easy installation Physically prevent

A bird-proof wire that can be easily installed with a variety of mounting methods. While maintaining the landscape, it can be installed in various shapes such as narrow handrails and pipes where birdless mats cannot be installed.
We have a wide range of installation results in various public facilities and commercial facilities, including condominiums and buildings.

Levels 3 to 4: Roosting pigeons and nesting pigeons

Once the pigeons recognize that it is safe enough to use as a roosting place, they will stay in the area from evening to night, causing more and more serious damage, such as noise from cries and wings, and a large amount of droppings. If this state is left untreated, it will develop into nest building, and it will be extremely difficult to drive away due to its strong territorial and homing instincts. It will be necessary to completely shut out with a metal mesh or net.

bird blocker
Fence that is easy to cut and bend to prevent solar panel pigeons

It is a domestic all-stainless steel fence that is installed in the gap between the roof and the solar panel to firmly block intrusion.
It is possible to fit not only flat roofs, but also various shapes such as tiled roofs, and it is also beautiful.

bird net
Anti-bird net Lightweight and excellent workability

Anti-bird net recommended for installing nets over a wide area. Lightweight and excellent workability!
Not only for verandas, but also for protecting vegetables and fruits in home gardens. Eliminate the slack and set it up so that it will not be intruded through gaps.

To customers of extermination and countermeasure companies

We are currently running a discount campaign for bulk purchases. Please let us know the details of the place where you plan to install it and the quantity you plan to use for each product. If you do not know the required quantity, please contact us with the dimensions and drawings of the location. Our professional staff will check and give you an estimate.