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Stopper Strong clamp (1 pc.)

Stopper Strong clamp (1 pc.)

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Dedicated clamp metal fittings for bird- proof sword mounts . It exerts its power when attaching the bird-proof sword mount to H-shaped steel, L-shaped steel, etc. where vibration is a concern, such as bridges and stations. It corresponds to any of type 1, type 2, and type 2L of the bird-proof sword mount. The drop-proof design can withstand strong tightening by a screwdriver.

installation method

■ Mounting locations: H-shaped steel, L-shaped steel, etc.

This product comes with a nut and spring washer to prevent loosening.

1: Fit the fasteners on the left and right sides of the body. *It can be firmly installed by inserting the kenzan into the hole on the top of the clamp (Fig. 1).

2: Tighten the nut firmly using tools such as spanners and Phillips screwdrivers.

*Compatible with an electric screwdriver to shorten construction time. *When using an electric screwdriver, rotate at a low speed to prevent seizure.

*Two clamp metal fittings are required for one bird-proof sword mount.

*When mounting on H-shaped steel or L-shaped steel where vibrations do not need to be considered, we recommend using clamp DX for the metal fittings .

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Stopper Strong clamp mounting method

Product specifications

重さ 125g
素材 ステンレス製(SUS304)
長さ 挟み幅:22mm

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