Collection: Box trap product list for medium-sized animals

This is a mail-order sales page for box traps suitable for capturing medium-sized animals such as palm civets, raccoons, badgers, and nutria.
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Inohoi's box trap for medium-sized animals: 3 recommended points

It is a box trap that is easy to carry.

Cheap and good catch!

It is a long-selling product with many sales results, and has been well received by many customers, saying, "It's cheap and you can catch a lot!" The folding type is lightweight, easy to carry and store, and easy to set up and install.

wire mesh box trap

high tensile wire mesh

It uses high tension wire mesh and has a structure that can withstand the power of medium-sized animals. The folding type is a power frame with hot-dip galvanized specifications, and is designed to be safe for use near water or in rainy weather.

High catch rate footboard box trap trigger

simple mechanism structure

The folding type has a footboard system, and when the beast enters the box trap and steps on the footboard, the door closes and the capture is complete! That's how it works. It is a type that is widely used for capturing medium-sized animals.

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