Collection: Electric fence (body set)

For those who purchase the main body (power supply) of the electric fence. Click here to purchase items other than the main unit (power supply) .

Please check before ordering

Attach the electric fence to the pole 2

○It is the sale in the body simple substance. If you would like to purchase a set of props and wires, please see this page .

○The maximum wire length is determined for each main unit (described on each product page). Make sure that the total wire length connected to one unit does not exceed this.

○ It is necessary to install the main unit so that it does not touch the ground. Please prepare wooden stakes separately according to the ground of the installation place (see left figure). * Mounting brackets for fixing to wooden stakes, etc. are included with the main unit.

○ Please install a caution signboard using an electric fence (also attached to the main unit) in a position where people can easily see it.

○Please be careful not to allow children to come near the installation location.