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Birdless mat type 2 (1 piece)

Birdless mat type 2 (1 piece)

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The needle is 15 cm longer than the Type 1 (for prevention) so that it can completely shut out areas already damaged by pigeons and crows. It is designed so that pigeons cannot even put their feet on it if it is installed with a slight protrusion.

Installation method

Clean the installation surface thoroughly in advance and work in a completely dry state. If there is dirt or moisture, the adhesive cannot be firmly adhered. If there is already damage or if the damage is severe, be sure to cover it. For the installation method, select either A or B below according to the location to be installed.

A: Mounting method using fastener C-2

■ Places to be installed: Concrete, metal, various boards, etc.

1: Fit the fasteners C-2 in two places on the left and right (fit the long claw first, then fit the short one).

2: Apply adhesive to the back of C-2 and adhere it to the adhesive surface. In the case of the type with double-sided tape, peel off the release paper and press firmly to attach. *When nailing, drive the nail into the screw hole.

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Mounting method using fastener C-2

B: Installation using clamps

■ Mounting locations: H-shaped steel, L-shaped steel, etc.

1: Fit the fasteners on the left and right sides of the body. *It can be firmly installed by inserting the kenzan into the hole at the top of the clamp.

2: Use a tool to tighten and fix the nut.

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Installation with clamps

3 types of kenzan that can be selected according to each situation

We have 3 types of kenzan depending on the type of bird and the situation. As a countermeasure against pigeons, starlings, crows, bulbuls, egrets, black-tailed gulls, and seagulls, you can choose the type that suits you best. Both are made of weather-resistant plastic that has cleared outdoor weather resistance tests for 10 years. In addition, a cover type with a special structure is convenient for a pipe-shaped place.

Product specifications

サイズ 高さ147mm×横幅600mm×奥行き78mm
素材 ポリプロピレン製(耐候性)/グレー色

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