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This is a mail-order sales page for treads for tying traps. Separately from this tread plate, the spring part needs to be purchased separately or made by yourself. You can operate it as a trap by attaching it to this footboard. The treads can be used many times as long as they do not break.
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Easy-to-use flip-up type

Trap Tread Treads

The wire portion used to bind the animal's legs is wrapped around the rail portion of the treadle and placed on a PVC base buried in the ground, and the trap is ready to be activated. The load required to activate the trap can be adjusted.

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After treadle operation

When the animal steps on the treadle and falls into the PVC pedestal, a loop of wire wrapped around the rail is dislodged from the rail by spring force and springs up above the animal's foot, tightening and binding the foot.

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