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Bond multipurpose outdoor use (333ml)

Bond multipurpose outdoor use (333ml)

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This is an adhesive that is applied to bird-proof kenzan clasps C-1 and C-2 and bird blocker telescopic clasps . *Use fasteners C-1 and C-2 without double-sided tape. We recommend caulking the telescopic fittings of the bird blocker after bonding with double-sided tape.

Birdless mat installation tips

Approximately 100 anti-bird clasps and 60 telescopic bird blockers can be attached per piece.

for a firm bond.

●Clean the installation surface in advance and work in a completely dry state. If there is dirt or moisture, the adhesive cannot be firmly adhered.

● If the adhesion is insufficient, the performance of the main unit cannot be fully demonstrated. Apply more adhesive. *Since the main body of the bird-proof sword is made of polypropylene, it is not possible to apply adhesive directly to the main body.

● When installing, press down firmly until the adhesive overflows from the screw holes in the fasteners.

Bond multipurpose outdoor use (333ml)

3 types of kenzan that can be selected according to each situation

We have 3 types of kenzan depending on the type of bird and the situation. As a countermeasure against pigeons, starlings, crows, bulbuls, egrets, black-tailed gulls, and seagulls, you can choose the type that suits you best. Both are made of weather-resistant plastic that has cleared outdoor weather resistance tests for 10 years. In addition, a cover type with a special structure is convenient for a pipe-shaped place.

Product specifications

容量 333ml
特長 ●混合不要の1液常温硬化型で作業性に優れます。 ●弾力性に富み、衝撃吸収性、材料収縮時の追従性があります。 ●各種被着材(石材、大型タイル、セラミックス、コンクリート、モルタル、金属など)の接着に適します。 ●石材や各種塗装材(アルキッド樹脂系を除く)への汚染がほとんどありません。

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