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Bird blocker fence (1 piece)

Bird blocker fence (1 piece)

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A fence that prevents birds from entering between the roof and the solar panels. The material is all stainless steel (SUS304), made in Japan, and is characterized by its moderate hardness and ease of cutting and bending. It is possible to fit not only flat roofs, but also various shapes such as tiled roofs, and it is also beautiful.

Two sizes are available: 100 size (length 100 x width 1190 mm) for installation gaps up to 70 mm, and 190 size (length 190 x width 1190 mm) for installation gaps up to 150 mm. You can purchase after selecting the size on the cart button.

3 types of mounting brackets to choose from

The fence can be securely installed on uneven roofs such as tiled roofs to flat roofs.

Installation example

Installation location: Private home in Hyogo Prefecture

It is one of the houses in a residential area surrounded by countryside, and solar panels are also installed on the surrounding houses, and birds such as pigeons and sparrows gather on the roof.

In the preliminary survey, the materials to be used were broken down as "extension metal fittings (countersunk screw M) x 16 pieces, slide metal fittings x 14 pieces, fence 190 x 30 pieces".

Since there is no scaffolding, work using one aerial work vehicle. On the eaves side and ridge side, expansion metal fittings (countersunk screw M) were used, and on the verge side (roof side), the fence 190 was attached using slide metal fittings.

The roof material was full-flat flat tiles with almost no unevenness, and it was easy to install the expansion metal fittings and the fence. Installation was completed in a little over 5 hours with 2 workers.

Bird blocker fence installation example

Product specifications

サイズ フェンス 100 縦100×幅1190 (mm) フェンス 190 縦190×幅1190 (mm)
素材 ステンレス (SUS304)
設置可能隙間 フェンス 100 70mmまで フェンス 190 150mmまで

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