Collection: Stopper (Wing Screw) Product List

This is a mail-order sales page for stoppers (wing screws) used for tying traps. ▼To product list>>

For stoppers for compressed springs and clamping prevention fittings.

tying metal fittings

Pass the wire rope through and tighten the wing screw to function as a stopper. Also, when catching wild boars and sika deer, it is prohibited to use a trap that does not have an "anti-tightening metal fitting*" attached, but this stopper can be used as an anti-tightening metal fitting.

*Anti-tightening metal fittings: Metal fittings that limit the snare ring that holds the foot at a certain point so that it is not excessively tightened. If the legs are too tight, the prey's legs may die, or they may rip off their own legs and escape.

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