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This is a mail order sales page for monkey countermeasures. We have box traps for capturing and exterminating and products that are useful for prevention.
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Notes on measures against monkeys

If you shoot monkeys with a hunting rifle, the group will split up and it may become difficult to manage. The same applies if you simply capture some individuals in the herd. If the swarm splits, the affected area may expand. For this reason, when catching, we identify and capture individuals that cause or may cause damage to life or personal injury. Damage control measures should focus on installing fences to prevent monkeys from entering human living areas, driving them away from farmland, and removing factors that attract monkeys to human settlements. I guess.

Choose from types of monkey countermeasures

Box trap for monkey countermeasures

box trap

It is a box trap with many achievements that is also suitable for catching monkeys. Place it where the target can be captured.

Operation video of box trap

Monkey invasion prevention

pest control goods

It will be a control product to prevent monkeys from entering. Prevents intruders from climbing trees and fences.

Monkey control goods video

Knowledge bag of monkey measures

Wildlife countermeasures: Damage control and capture of Japanese macaques
trap hunting knowledge

About damage prevention and capture of monkeys

How to choose a box trap
trap hunting knowledge

How to choose a capture cage (box trap)

How to set a box trap
trap hunting knowledge

How to set a box trap