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This is a mail order sales page for the finished product of the tying trap. This product is a set of treads and pre-assembled springs that can be set up as soon as it arrives. This bargain set is recommended for beginners and those who find assembly difficult.

A set of treads and springs

Trap Tread Treads


Bury the attached PVC pipe pedestal in the ground and place the footboard part on it. When the beast steps on the tread, the tread drops into the pedestal and the rail bounces upwards.

Kukuri Trap Operation Video

spring set

spring part

It is an essential part of a tying trap that consists of wires and springs. Attach the wire loop (snare) that wraps around the animal's legs to the rail of the footboard and use it by compressing the spring.

Customer review video

Recommended tying trap finished product

It is a trap that has many achievements in catching wild boars and deer. When the beast steps on the installation place, the snare (wire ring) tightens and captures it. Each product has its own characteristics, so please choose the product according to your capture style.

* There are various regulations for setting up tying traps. It is not possible to catch them without a hunting license, and the size of the snare diameter is regulated by the region. In order not to violate regulations, please check with the local government department in charge of the area where the trap will be installed before selecting the product.

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