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Type 1 fastener C-1 (1 pc.)

Type 1 fastener C-1 (1 pc.)

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It is a mounting bracket dedicated to Bird-proof Kenzan Type 1 . Easy to install, you can easily remove the kenzan body during repair work. Strong tape for outdoor use is also available for easy installation (manufactured by Sumitomo 3M. Uses weather resistant/Beta tape). Demonstrates high adhesiveness even on highly uneven surfaces such as blocks, mortar, and concrete.

*If you want the product with tape, please select "with tape" above the cart button and add it to the cart. If using adhesive, select "No Tape" and add to cart. Adhesive sales page is here>>

Installation method

Clean the installation surface thoroughly in advance and work in a completely dry state. If there is dirt or moisture, the adhesive cannot be firmly adhered. *If there is already damage or if the damage is severe, please use type 2 instead of type 1.

When using double-sided tape

Installation location: Concrete, metal, various boards, etc.

● Detachable and made of stainless steel. Two mounting brackets are required for one bird-proof sword mount.

●Fit the long claws of the C-1 bracket first, then fit the short claws.

● Peel off the release paper attached to the tape and press it firmly onto the adhesive area.

Stopper for type 1 C-1

When not using double-sided tape

●It is not possible to apply bond directly to the body of the birdless mat. Be sure to apply adhesive to the special fastener C-1 (without tape) or install it using nails or screws.

-Click here for special adhesive page>>

● For H-shaped steel, use the separately sold special clamp metal fittings (figure on the right).

2: Use a tool to tighten and fix the nut.

-Clamp DX product page is here>>

-Click here for the Strong Clamp product page>>

Clamp DX strong clamp

3 types of kenzan that can be selected according to each situation

We have 3 types of kenzan depending on the type of bird and the situation. As a countermeasure against pigeons, starlings, crows, bulbuls, egrets, black-tailed gulls, and seagulls, you can choose the type that suits you best. Both are made of weather-resistant plastic that has cleared outdoor weather resistance tests for 10 years. In addition, a cover type with a special structure is convenient for a pipe-shaped place.

Product specifications

サイズ 縦35mm×横63.4mm
素材 ステンレス製(SUS301):テープ 住友3M製 耐候性/ベータテープ(屋外用強力両面テープ付きタイプのみ)

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