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One-touch spring (x 1)

One-touch spring (x 1)

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Troublesome caulking work is unnecessary. A spring for adjusting the tension of the bird repellent wire. Since the wire and spring can be connected with one touch, the installation work time is reduced by about 60% compared to conventional products.

Difference from conventional products

In the past, sleeves and crimping tools were essential to make the tip of the wire into a round ring, but with the one-touch spring, these are completely unnecessary. Assembly of the spring and wire is completed simply by inserting the wire into the one-touch spring. In addition, it was impossible to adjust the wire tension after caulking work with conventional sleeves, but with the one-touch spring, tension can be adjusted at any time after construction.

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One-touch spring installation method

① Just cut the wire with a little margin and you are ready to go.

(2) Pass the wire through the one-touch spring.

③ Hook it on the pole. Tension adjustment is tightened by pulling the wire, and loosened by returning the wire while pressing the protrusion.

④ Finally, cut the excess wire and complete.

*Tension can be adjusted at any time after installation.

One-touch spring installation method

Installation method

How to make anti-bird wire

●Stand up pillars at 2m intervals and stretch the wires.

●Use a spring every 4m. For example, if you use three posts at a height of 4m, you can simply pass the wire through the hole in the center post. However, when stretching the wire in an L-shape or U-shape, be sure to use springs at the corners.

●Also, please be sure to use the struts for the terminal struts.

●The spring can be either a spring or a one- touch spring . When using the spring, prepare the same number of sleeves ( aluminum sleeves or stainless sleeves ).

★ Installation example for 10m

Installation example for 10m

Approximate required quantity of each component

2m 10m 20m 50m 100m
In the case of 1-tier strut Two 6 11 26 51
wire 2.5m 11m 22m 55m 110m
Spring 2 pieces 6 10 pieces 26 pieces 50 pieces
In the case of two-tiered strut Two 6 11 26 51
wire 5m 22m 44m 110m 220m
Spring Four 12 pieces 20 pieces 52 pieces 100 pieces

How to put up anti-bird wire

Select each component according to the installation location.

anti-bird wire

1: Bird repellent wire A wire that is stretched to prevent birds from flying.
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2: It is a spring for stretching the spring wire with appropriate tension.
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3: It is a prop to stretch the prop wire. Various types are available depending on the installation location.
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4: Used as necessary when installing in a bandpipe-like location.
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Product specifications

サイズ スプリング線径 Φ0.8mm 全長 57mm
素材 スプリング部…ステンレス(SUS304)、差込部…真鍮(めっき)

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