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This is a mail order sales page for box traps suitable for catching small animals such as mice, moles, and small Taiwanese squirrels.
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Inohoi's box trap for small animals 3 recommended points

box trap with small mesh

mesh for small animals

Among the box traps we handle, we use the narrowest mesh, and it is suitable for small animals.

Hanging bait type box trap

simple mechanism

The hook for hanging the bait inside the box trap is on the outside of the box trap. When the beast touches the hung bait, the door closes and the capture is complete! That's how it works.

cheap box trap

Cheap & good catch

The price per unit is less than 2000 yen, and multiple installations can also reduce costs. You can firmly take measures against small pests that increase in rat formula.

Capturing rodents and moles

The Wildlife Protection and Management Act does not apply to brown rats, black rats, and house mice, and hunting permits, hunting licenses, and hunter registrations are not required. In addition, all species of the rodent family and all species of the family Mole family can be captured at any time only for the purpose of preventing damage to agriculture or forestry.

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