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This is a mail order sales page for wire ropes for tying traps. We have equipment that can handle beasts that have sharper senses and higher physical abilities than humans.
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wire rope structure

Wire rope for tying trap

A wire rope is made by twisting multiple strands of wire around a central core.

For example, in the cross section in the figure, there are 6 strands of 19 strands twisted together, and the standard notation is "6 x 19". The more strands there are, the softer it will be, but the easier it will be to twist.

The thinner the wire diameter, the better the operation of the trap, but the thicker the wire, the stronger it will be. *The use of wires with a diameter of less than 4 mm is prohibited for capturing wild boars and sika deer. Be sure to use one with a diameter of 4 mm or more.

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