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This is the sales page of the tying trap. Our traps, mainly the flip-up type, are popular among both beginners and experienced trappers. We offer a wide range of products, from complete products that can be set up immediately after delivery to parts that can be purchased in single units. Shipping is available nationwide, and free shipping for purchases over 19,800 yen.

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We have a variety of tying trap related products that meet the needs of each customer. Please choose according to the situation.

Features of Inohoi Tying Trap and how to use

Inohoi's tying traps are favored by government agencies, local governments, and hunting associations. We introduce how to use and popular products below, so please take a look.

Rules for setting tying traps

About the size of the tying trap

The diameter of the tying trap that can be used varies depending on the area where the capture activity is carried out. Please check in advance which of the following 1 to 3 applies, and select the appropriate size. Also, when catching wild boars and deer, the diameter of the wire must be 4 mm or more, and metal fittings must be attached to prevent over-tightening .

1: In order to prevent the misidentified capture of black bears and other predators, traps with a ring diameter (or short diameter in the case of ovals) of more than 12 cm are prohibited in these areas.

2: Areas where the regulations in 1 above have been relaxed and traps with a loop diameter (or short diameter in the case of ovals) of more than 15 cm are prohibited.

3: Areas where traps with ring diameters larger than 12 cm can be used to capture the increasing number of wild boar and Japanese deer.

*Regulations may vary by area even within the same prefecture. For details, please contact the local government division in charge of the area where the trapping activity will take place.