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Introducing Inohoi

Inohoi is a pro shop that sells various wildlife damage countermeasures, including box traps and tie traps for catching wild boars and deer.

Our trap-related products are used not only by individual customers, but also by agricultural cooperatives, hunting associations, and local governments all over Japan and even overseas.

In addition, we handle reliable Japanese-made, high-quality anti-bird products and various pest control products that are useful for farmers. We can also mail catalogs and create estimates for subsidy applications.

Inohoi pro shop for box traps, tie traps, and wildlife damage countermeasures

Why Choose Inohoi

Since its debut in 2007, the box trap (Fare Asahi style), which uses cages to capture beasts, has sold over 10,000 units (as of the end of December 2018).

More than 7,000 tying traps have been sold annually (2019 results, excluding sales of parts), and have been well received by many people, from beginners to veterans, as "cheap, easy to use, and good catches." I'm here.

We are making daily improvements and taking on the challenge of providing products at low prices by systematizing estimates and orders, reducing unnecessary labor costs and administrative costs, and adding ingenuity to manufacturing.

Sales results of Fare Asahi-style box traps

* The name "Fare Asahi Shiki" is a registered trademark of refactory Co., Ltd. in Japan (Registration number: No. 6179294)

Introduction of handling products

In addition to trapping supplies, we also offer a wide range of products that are useful for wildlife damage control, such as pest control and useful items.


Can you issue a receipt?
When ordering online, a receipt will be sent to you by email when the product is shipped. On the screen where you enter your address, etc., there is a field for entering whether you need a receipt, so please enter your address there. Please refer here for details.
Can you send the products to my home?
Except for heavy items (box trap big size, medium size, enclosure trap), we can deliver all over Japan. In the case of heavy objects, it will be stopped at the nearby Fukuyama Dori management office. If you go to Fukuyama Transporting to pick up a vehicle with a cargo bed such as a light truck, you can load it on the cargo bed at the sales office.
I haven't received my email?

If you enter the wrong email address, you will not be able to receive important communications such as order information, so please be careful not to enter it incorrectly. Also, please check your spam folder as our reply may be treated as spam.

*In the case of docomo, au, or Softbank email addresses (,,, etc.), there are cases where emails from our shop cannot be received due to spam filters. is occurring a lot. Please allow us to receive emails from our shop ( and enter an email address that can receive emails.

Would you like a quotation or an invoice for subsidy application?
Please use the inquiry button for each product or the inquiry form. We also accept orders by phone and fax, so please specify the address you want to include.
I don't know how to set traps
Product installation is simple and easy. The handling method is described in the instruction manual attached to the product. You can also watch it on Youtube videos. Click here for Inohoi's Youtube channel>>

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