Collection: anti-bird wire

By simply installing it on a flat surface where birds are likely to gather or in a pipe-shaped area, it prevents pigeons from flying and protects a comfortable life from annoying droppings. Since it is a wire type, it does not disturb the scenery of the building and exhibits high cost performance. If the damage is severe, you can further enhance the bird repellent effect by combining it with a kenzan -type anti-bird kenzan.
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How to install anti-bird wire

Name of each part

anti-bird wire

1: Bird repellent wire A wire that is stretched to prevent birds from flying.
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2: It is a spring for stretching the spring wire with appropriate tension.
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3: It is a prop to stretch the prop wire. Various types are available depending on the installation location.
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4: Used as necessary when installing in a bandpipe-like location.
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