Collection: Anti-bird mesh (wire mesh)

Close the gap between the solar panel and the roof where birds can enter. This product is widely used by professionals. Dedicated metal fittings that can be selected according to the site and a fence with excellent workability, are highly effective in preventing nesting, workability, and landscape.
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Thorough solar panel bird measures

Reliable "Made in Japan

Made entirely of stainless steel for high durability

The metal fittings and fence are all made of stainless steel (SUS304) and are made in Japan, so you can install them safely for a long time. Uses strong double-sided tape made by 3M, which is outdoor weather resistant.

Dedicated metal fittings (patent pending)

Easy processing and installation

It can be installed on various solar panels. Dedicated metal fittings (patent pending) make fence installation easy. The fence has moderate hardness and is easy to cut and bend on-site.

Maintain your solar panel warranty

Maintain your solar panel warranty

Generally, if you drill a hole in the solar panel material, it will not be covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Bird blockers do not puncture, so you can maintain your solar panel warranty. *Please be sure to check the regulations of each company regarding warranties.

3 types of mounting brackets to choose from

The fence can be securely installed on uneven roofs such as tiled roofs to flat roofs.

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