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It is a mail order sale page of enclosure traps. Except for the top surface, it is the same as our box trap for large animals . In the case of enclosure traps, it is possible to capture without obtaining a hunting license if certain conditions are met. In addition, since the top surface is open, it tends to be easy for big fish with strong caution to enter.
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Concerning the structure and exceptions of enclosure traps

corral ceiling

The feature is that more than half of the top surface is open. The top surface of our enclosure trap has a "shinobigaeshi" structure that makes the fence look higher than it really is when viewed from the animal's perspective.

In order to catch wild boars and other animals by hunting, it is necessary to obtain a hunting license and register as a hunter. It is possible to catch them without obtaining a hunting license.

★Permit standards may differ depending on the region, so be sure to check with the relevant section of the local government in advance.

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