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This is a mail order sales page for completed kukuri trap products. This is a product that includes a treadle and pre-assembled spring part, which can be set immediately after delivery. This is a great set for beginners and those who have trouble assembling.

Product with a set of treadle + spring

Trap Tread Treads


Bury the provided PVC pipe pedestal in the ground and place the treadle section on top of it. When the animal steps on the treadle, the treadle falls into the pedestal and the rail bounces upward.

Tying Trap Operation Video

spring set

spring part

This is an essential part of the tying trap, consisting of a wire and a spring, etc. The loop of wire (snare), which is used to tie the beast's leg, is attached to the rail of the springboard, which compresses the spring.

Customer review video

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This trap has a proven track record in capturing wild boars and deer. When the animal steps on the trap, the snare (a loop of wire) tightens to capture the animal. Each product has its own characteristics, so please choose the one that best suits your trapping style.

* There are various regulations governing the installation of snare traps. Trapping without a hunting license is not allowed, and the size of the snare diameter is regulated in each region. To ensure that you do not violate any regulations, please check with the local government office in charge of the area where you intend to set up the trap before selecting a product.

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