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Tie-up and nose-tie trap "TSJ" nose tie attachment only

Tie-up and nose-tie trap "TSJ" nose tie attachment only

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A thin stainless steel trap that can be used for both legs and nose, developed by a harmful bird and beast extermination professional. It is easy to install by simply sticking it into the ground without digging a hole, and it is a product that requires less installation effort than any of our tie-up traps. It operates with a light load and adopts a new method in which the arm jumps up instantly. This product is especially recommended for those who want to increase the number of catches, regardless of the size of the prey. As a result of verification using a prototype by a regular shooter, we have achieved a record of 80 harmful captures in 3 months.

Features of the new tying trap “TSJ”

Works even with light weight prey

Easy installation and easy capture.

The unique structure eliminates the need to fill the pedestal. Just attach the attached plate to the arm and stab it in the ground. It can be set up quickly even in places where the ground is hard and difficult to dig or where it is on a slope.
Shortening the installation time will reduce the traces of humans, so there will be a clear difference when catching highly wary prey.

Tie the legs of the beast in an instant

Catch your prey instantly!

The arm part is equipped with a spring to increase the operation speed, and the behavior is very speedy. Empty cissing (cannot be caught even if the trap is activated) has been reduced.
In addition, since it is designed to operate with a light load, it boasts a high capture rate not only for capturing wild boars, but also for animals such as muntjacs, which are difficult to capture due to their strong vigilance and thin legs.

Used as a nose tie

Can be used as a nose tie

Just attach the special attachment to transform it into a nose trap. It is also very useful when restricting the movement of the beast after capture. The attachment can be attached by simply tightening the screw.
The conventional type of pulling ropes and wires by yourself requires technique, but this product uses the same principle as a leg trap, so you can easily tie your nose.

Product composition

They can be purchased as a set or individually, depending on your needs. Please select one of the buttons at the top of the page and add it to your cart.

Footboard part

A: Tread (ALL stainless steel)

It consists of a plate that the beast steps on and a base, both of which are made of stainless steel. The plate and pedestal are connected with a wire to prevent loss. The pedestal has four claws for inserting into the ground.

spring set

B: Spring set

A complete set of wires and springs for tying the animal's legs and nose is assembled, and it is used by attaching it to the arm part of the footboard. In addition to this product, it can be used with the footboards sold at our store.

Nostril attachment

C: Nostril attachment

If you want to use it as a nose tie as well, you need this attachment. A: By connecting the footboard with screws and inserting a long stick, it is possible to tie the nose away from the beast. *The stick is not included, so please prepare your favorite long stick at a home center.

Please check before ordering

About the size of the tying trap

The diameter of the tying trap that can be used varies depending on the area where the capture activity is carried out. This product can be used in regions 2 and 3 out of 1 to 3 below.

1: In order to prevent erroneous capture of Asian black bears, etc., areas where the diameter of the ring of the leg tie wire (minor diameter in the case of an ellipse) exceeds 12 cm is prohibited.

2: Areas where the regulation of 1 above has been relaxed and traps with a ring diameter (minor diameter in the case of an ellipse) exceeding 15 cm are prohibited.

3: Areas where it is possible to use traps with a ring diameter exceeding 12 cm to capture the increasing number of wild boars and sika deer.

*Even within the same prefecture, regulations may differ depending on the area. For details, please contact the section in charge of the local government in the area where you conduct the capture activities.

Product specifications

踏み板部分素材 ステンレス
生産国 日本
付属品 取扱説明書
踏み板のアーム大きさ 短径:13.5cm、長径:16cm

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