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Kukuri Trap Shrimp Black

Kukuri Trap Shrimp Black

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This is the top-of-the-line model of the Inohoi Tying Trap, a product that can be considered a machine for capturing adult wild boars and deer. It was developed to say goodbye to the disappointment of empty cage and the hassle of replacing parts when capturing wild boar and deer. This is the ultimate version that satisfies "high capture rate," "ease of installation," and "durability," all of which were achieved through 15 years of trial and error by experienced hunters. Please use it as a trap when you absolutely want to capture an adult animal.
*Patented product (Patent No. 6168499)

Ebino black installation method

find the animal trail
Select a location that is frequented by animals, is easy to set up, and is not in another person's trapping area.

set the trap
Adjust the foothold of the trap and place the trap so that it fits the prepared ground. Adjust wires and triggers.
*Use rubber gloves during installation to prevent the scent from transferring to the soil.

hide the trap
Carefully cover the entire trap with soil, leaves, tree branches, etc., as the wire and metal fittings are shiny and the trap is easily detected by the animal.

*When installing the trap, be sure to check that the safety lock is installed to prevent malfunction.

Product composition

The main body with integrated treadle and spring structure, and the wire section with a reduced number of parts.

Black configuration of Trap Shrimp

A: body

It has a robust construction in which the torsion spring is integrated with the treadle part that the animal steps on. It will not break unless something happens to it, and can be used many times.

B: wire part

Unlike the push-spring type, there is no spring, PVC pipe, or stopper fitting attached. The number of parts is small, and replacement work is easy. Since the size of the wheel can be changed arbitrarily, it can be used in areas with restrictions on the size of the wheel. Standard product is 4mm diameter wire.

Lots of advantages! Features of the top model "Ebino Black"

Easy to set up tying trap

A trap that doesn't require familiarity or tricks

◎The treadle and spring (employing a torsion spring manufactured by our original company) are integrated into a single structure. Simply hook the hook on the arm to the trigger and hook the wire to complete the set up.

◎This product can be installed in a short time even by those who are not familiar with installation. Of course, it comes with a safety device to prevent outbursts.
*While the general torsion-spring type tucking traps are easier to set high on the legs than the push-spring type, they require familiarity and skill in handling the spring, and depending on how they are handled, there is a risk of serious injury such as loss of eyesight due to bouncing on the face.

Tie the legs of the beast in an instant

Activated when the animal puts on the most weight.

◎The foot carriage of large animals has been studied for years to ensure that the device is activated at the moment when the beast puts the most weight on it while walking. Because the load is adjusted in advance so that it is not activated when the beast tends to retract its legs or when small animals such as cucurbits and raccoons step on it, we have succeeded in drastically reducing the number of empty hares.

◎There is no need to take the time and effort to add detailed devices. Just set it in the right place without thinking too much about it. As long as the installation location is appropriate, stable results can be expected.

low maintenance cost

Significantly reduces the cost of parts replacement

◎In the case of a push-spring type tying trap, the fate of the trap is to replace the spring and PVC pipe, but rather than spending time and money on the replacement work, one would rather spend time and money on the trapping work itself. The spring integrated with the treadle of this product is of original specification and can be used again and again as long as it is not too much trouble.

◎The wire side also eliminates the need for stoppers and springs, so the cost of replacing parts is much lower. In addition, the labor and stress of replacement work is reduced, allowing you to focus on the capturing process.

Manufactured in cooperation with skilled trappers and a domestic manufacturing company

The ultimate tying trap born from 15 years of experience

Development scene

This product was invented and patented by a hunter who has been engaged in hunting and pest control for many years (Patent No. 6168499). After repeated trial and error, the product was developed to achieve certain results with minimal need for installation techniques.

The product is the result of repeated PDCA cycles, accumulated data from prototypes and field tests, in cooperation with a domestic factory with an established reputation for various custom processing and welding technologies.

We recommend this product especially to those who have experienced the frustration of repeatedly getting empty cages when capturing wild boars. Please give it a try.


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Product specifications

Material of treadle part Steel
Country of origin Japan
Weight 2465g
Total length 73cm
Stepboard 15cm x 17cm
Arm length 45cm
Accessories Instruction manual
Paint Black paint

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