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Resin Trap with Strong Spring (Integrated Arm and Base)

Resin Trap with Strong Spring (Integrated Arm and Base)

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It is a tying trap that operates at high speed by springing up the arm with the force of the spring. Using a strong spring, you can quickly wrap your legs in a high position. Since the footboard is large, it is recommended for those in areas where there are no size restrictions for tying traps.


Please check before ordering

About the size of the tying trap


The diameter of the trap varies depending on the area where the trapping activity is conducted. This product can be used in the following 3 areas from 1 to 3.

1: Areas where traps with a ring diameter (or short diameter in the case of oval traps) of more than 12 cm are prohibited in order to prevent the misidentified capture of black bears and other predators.

2: Areas where the restrictions in 1 above have been relaxed and traps with a foot ring diameter exceeding 15 cm (or the shortest diameter in the case of oval traps) are prohibited.

3: Areas where traps with a ring diameter exceeding 12 cm can be used to capture the increasing number of wild boars and Japanese deer.

*Regulations may vary by area even within the same prefecture. For details, please contact the local government division in charge of the area where the trapping activity will take place.

Features of Trap Trap with Strong Spring

Works even with light weight prey

Strong spring prevents idling

A strong spring is installed on the arm part where the wire is installed. It has a structure that reduces idling by improving the jumping speed.

Integrated tread pedestal

Easy to work with integrated arm and pedestal

The arm and pedestal are integrated into a single unit for smooth transportation to the mountain and installation. The pedestal is approximately 4 cm high, so there is no need to dig a deep hole. In addition, holes are provided in the wings of the main body where stakes or ropes can be installed to prevent loss.Our largest size

Our largest size

The step size is 18 cm (short diameter) X 21 cm (long diameter), our largest size. Please note that since the step board is installed to connect the arm and the step board, it may be difficult for the step board to fall off if the user steps on it near the fixed point.


Video on how to install the system.

1. Set the spring for the arm so that the load is generated.

2. Push down on both arms at the same time. It is easier to work if you place it on the ground and use your knees to put your weight on it.

3. Place the treads on the top of the arm facing the dimple. Only the one with the indentation has repulsion, so there is no problem with suppressing only one side.

4. Install the spring set and you are ready to go.

We also sell replacement trap parts.

The treadle can be used many times unless it is broken, but the parts used for the spring portion are consumable. Replacement parts are also available.

Components of a tying trap

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Product specifications

Size Pedestal height: 4cm
Weight Pedestal arm integrated part: approx. 340g, step board: approx. 80g
Size Short diameter: 18 cm x long diameter: 21 cm
Material ABS resin
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