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Fare Asahi Shiki Kukuri Trap Spring Set

Fare Asahi Shiki Kukuri Trap Spring Set

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This is the pre-assembled spring set single sales page. Recommended for those who have already prepared the footboard and are looking for a completed spring part. If you would like to purchase the sole plate, please click here .

2 types of spring strength to choose from

1: Compressed load 9.8kg Our standard strength stainless steel spring with stable operation and adjustable load so that it can be compressed even by women and the elderly. It goes well with the Strong tread .
2: Compressed load 15.4kg This stainless steel spring is recommended for customers who are looking for a strong load in order to increase the instantaneous power as a countermeasure against air repelling. It goes well with the wild boar hoihoi tread .

Set a trap with the footboard + spring part

Trap Tread Treads


The pedestal is buried in the ground and the treadle section is placed on top of it. When the animal steps on the treadle, the treadle falls into the pedestal and the rail bounces upward.

Tying Trap Operation Video

spring set

spring part

This is an essential part of the tying trap, consisting of a wire and a spring, etc. The loop of wire (snare), which is used to tie the beast's leg, is attached to the rail of the springboard, which compresses the spring.

Tying trap capture video

Specifications of assembled spring sections

It is assembled in a perfect balance so that it is easy to handle for beginners and easy to install for women and elderly people.


Part Names and Specifications

1: Bounding bracket 2: Over-tightening prevention bracket

3: 1400mm stainless steel spring 4: Φ13mm PVC pipe

5: 4mm wire rope 6: Stopper 7: Swivel

8: Tying trap post (base) less than 2m

Fits any of our treads . A soft spring is used to focus on the weaker side to install.

Set the loop of wire around 1 (snare) on the springboard, push the 3: push spring into the 4: PVC pipe, and fix the PVC pipe with the 6 stopper, and the tying trap is activated.

spring set

You can also purchase individual parts!

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