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[Backordered] Strong Stainless Steel Spring Set

[Backordered] Strong Stainless Steel Spring Set



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This is the pre-assembled spring set single sales page. For those who have already prepared a footboard and are looking for a completed spring part. Since it is attached to the tread after being compressed, it is easy to install, and since it uses a strong spring, it operates quickly and prevents empty repelling. Click here for a standard spring set.

It is the strongest spring that we handle, and it requires a strong force when compressed, so it is recommended for experienced people who are not satisfied with the strength of the springs they have been using.

Features of strong spring set

Hard to repel the air

It works instantly and is hard to empty!

Uses two strong springs and operates quickly to reduce air repelling. The legs are tightened with a strong force, so you don't have to worry about the prey's legs being caught and escaped from the legs after capture.

Easy installation

Easy to install

Since the spring is compressed once and then hung on the footboard, it is easy to set up the trap. Move the compressed spring, put it on the tread of the tying trap, and remove the fixture to complete the installation.

rust resistant

Stainless steel and rust resistant

Wires, sleeves, tying fittings, stoppers, etc. are made of stainless steel and are resistant to rust, and the wires are hard to harden, so it is recommended for long-term installation.

How to use the strong spring set

1. Secure the wire to a standing tree that is firmly rooted.

2. Using a fixed tree or post, compress the sling while applying your weight.
Push the spring completely into the pipe and fix it with an L-shaped bracket.
* A strong force is required to compress the spring.

3. Set the wire on the footboard, fix the pipe with a stopper so that it does not move, and remove the L-shaped metal fittings.

Specifications of assembled spring parts

Names and specifications of each part

1: SUS wire stopper
2: Shackle 8mm
3: SUS wire rope Φ4mm 7*19
4: 660mm strong spring
5: 540mm strong spring
6: 150mm SUS pipe with stopper
7: Nut (to increase the fixing force of the compressed spring)
8: Over-tightening prevention fitting
9: SUS tying bracket

Fits any of our treads . A strong force is required to compress the spring. We use the strongest springs in our spring set.

spring set
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Product specifications

ワイヤーの長さ 根付け側:約141cm、くくり罠取り付け側:209cm
パーツ SUS製ワイヤーロープ4mm-7×19 油抜き、4mmアルミスリーブ(シングル)、4mmアルミスリーブ(だぶる)、強力押しバネ、SUS304製パイプ(長さ 150mm)、真鍮製より戻し12mm、SUS304製くくり金具、シャックル 8mm、SUS304製ワイヤーストッパー(ダブル)

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