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Trap for wild boars and deer Strong finished product

Trap for wild boars and deer Strong finished product

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Conventional trap boards are made of wooden plywood, which the animals step on, and often deteriorate due to water absorption and freezing caused by rain and snow. In addition, water absorption sometimes caused the boards to swell, preventing them from falling properly into the pedestal.

To remedy this problem, we have made the part of the board to be stepped on made of resin, which is the strong type. The hard and thick resin board is used, making it very sturdy.

Please check before ordering

About the size of the tying trap


The diameter of the trap varies depending on the area where the trapping activity is conducted. Please check in advance which of the following 1 to 3 applies to you and select the appropriate size.

1: In areas where traps with a ring diameter (or short diameter in the case of oval traps) of more than 12 cm are prohibited in order to prevent the misidentified capture of black bears and other predators.

2: Areas where the restrictions in 1 above have been relaxed and traps with a ring diameter (or short diameter in the case of oval traps) of more than 15 cm are prohibited.

3: Areas where traps with a ring diameter exceeding 12 cm can be used to capture the increasing number of wild boars and Japanese deer.

*Regulations may vary by area even within the same prefecture. For details, please contact the local government division in charge of the area where the trapping activity will take place.

A set of treads and springs

The following treads and springs are included as a set, so you can set it up right away. The arm of the tread (the part where the wire is attached) is made of iron, and the other parts are made of thick resin, making it extremely sturdy. Observe the traces of the paths taken by the beasts and place them where they would tread.

Trap Tread Treads


The attached PVC pipe pedestal is buried in the ground, a toothpick is pointed for load adjustment, and the treadle portion is placed on top of the pedestal. When the animal steps on the treadle, the treadle falls into the pedestal and the rail bounces upward.

Tying Trap Operation Video

spring set

spring part

This is an essential part of the tying trap, consisting of a wire and a spring, etc. The loop of wire (snare), which is used to tie the animal's leg, is attached to the rail of the springboard, which compresses the spring.

Tying trap capture video

Features of Trap Tread Strong

Trap that increases durability

The board is resin instead of wood

The treadle board part has been improved from the conventional wooden to resin. The new treads are more durable than the wooden ones, and since they do not absorb water, there is no longer any risk of malfunction due to swelling or peeling caused by water absorption. The new version is also improved to cope with rainy and snowy conditions.

Tie trap safety device

Outburst Prevention Mechanisms

A safety device (holding bracket) is provided to hold down the rail (the part to which the foot-anchoring wire is attached) to prevent malfunction. It can be carried safely even with force applied to the spring. After installation is complete, simply remove the hold-down bracket to complete the set-up.

Adjust the load of tying trap activation

You can adjust the load that triggers the trap.

The treadle set consists of a treadle that the beast steps on and a PVC tube that serves as a base. The base has six holes to which toothpicks can be pointed, and the load under which the treadle falls can be adjusted by the number of toothpicks that are pointed into the PVC tube.

We also sell replacement trap parts.

The treadle can be used many times unless it is broken, but the parts used for the spring portion are consumable. Replacement parts are also available.

Components of a tying trap

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Product specifications

Size Pedestal height: 7.5 cm (S), 8 cm (common for M and L)
Country of origin Japan
Accessories Instruction manual
Size S: short diameter 12cm, M: short diameter 15cm x long diameter 20cm, L: short diameter 18cm x long diameter 22cm
Wire Oil drain 4mm in diameter (US304)

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