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You can catch it even at a very low price★. Boar hoihoi tread for tying traps (tread + pedestal set)

You can catch it even at a very low price★. Boar hoihoi tread for tying traps (tread + pedestal set)

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Please check before ordering

About the size of the tying trap


The diameter of the trap varies depending on the area where the trapping activity is conducted. Please check in advance which of the following 1 and 2 applies to you and select the appropriate size.

1: In areas where traps with a ring diameter (or short diameter in the case of oval traps) of more than 12 cm are prohibited in order to prevent the accidental capture of black bears and other predators.

2: Areas where traps with ring diameters larger than 12 cm can be used to capture the increasing number of wild boar and Japanese deer.

*Regulations may vary by area even within the same prefecture. For details, please contact the local government division in charge of the area where the trapping activity will take place.

Currently, this product is available in two sizes: L size (17.4 cm in diameter) and S size (12 cm in diameter). Please use size S for the area of 1.

Sold as a set of footboard + pedestal

This page is a single sales page for the footboard only. Recommended for those who make their own springs or those who want to replace the broken treads. * When setting up, it is necessary to set the tread and spring. Click here for a product that includes a tread and pre-assembled springs .

Trap Tread Treads


Bury the attached PVC pipe pedestal in the ground and place the footboard part on it. When the animal steps on the tread, the tread drops into the pedestal and the rail bounces upwards.

Tying trap installation and operation video

spring set

Spring part (sold separately)

This is an essential part of the tying trap, consisting of a wire and a spring, etc. The loop of wire (snare), which is used to tie the animal's leg, is attached to the rail of the springboard, which compresses the spring.

Tying trap capture video

Characteristics of wild boar hoihoi treads

super cheap trap

Very inexpensive due to resin molding!

The mold is made under the supervision of a skilled hunter, and is designed to be very inexpensive and extremely easy to install. Since it is inexpensive anyway, it can be used easily. It can also be used for testing and adjusting trap improvements outside of the main production line. It is a very cost-effective product that can be used with a great deal of enthusiasm.

Advantages of resin

Not affected by the weather!

Since it does not absorb water, there is no need to worry about malfunction due to swelling or peeling caused by water absorption. The flip-up type (flip up like tiger shears) is easy to use and has been well received for its ability to handle rainy and snowy conditions.

Adjust the load of tying trap activation

You can adjust the load that triggers the trap.

The treadle set consists of a treadle part that the animal steps through and a PVC pipe that serves as a base. This product has a screw on the treadle side, and the load is adjusted according to the tightness of the screw. The load can be adjusted to operate with very light force or only with heavy force.

We also sell replacement trap parts.

The treadle can be used many times unless it is broken, but the parts used for the spring portion are consumable. Replacement parts are also available.

Components of a tying trap

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Product specifications

大きさ 台座高さ:3.5cm
重さ 踏板:約250g、台座:約125g
サイズ 罠の内径 Sサイズ:12㎝径、Lサイズ:17.4cm径
素材 ABS樹脂

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