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This is a mail order sales page for single-open type box traps. Suitable for capturing large animals such as wild boars, deer, and lions.
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Comparison of double and single box traps

Open box trap

Characteristics of single-open type box traps

It tends to be used more often than the double-sided type because it is cheaper than the double-sided type and requires only one kicking thread. Since the back side is completely blocked, even if the prey jumps out to the back side when the door is closed, it cannot escape.
double box trap

Features of double-opening box traps

When looking at the box trap from the animal's eyes, there is nothing to block the front, so the animal's wariness is weakened and it tends to attract the inside (in the case of a single door, the front is shielded by a net). It can also be used as a single opening type by closing one side of the door. Click here for double box trap section >>

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