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Fare Asahishiki box trap medium size [single door] wire mesh specification

Fare Asahishiki box trap medium size [single door] wire mesh specification

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* "Fare Asahi Shiki" is a registered trademark of refactory Co., Ltd. (registration number: 6179294).

[Introduction of Inohoi limited benefits] For customers who purchase box traps for wild boars and deer.

online lesson

◎ Take free online lessons

An experienced capture professional (certified wildlife capture business operator) will be a counselor and will accept your concerns about capture for free (once a month, online).

Pick up at store

◎ Over-the-counter receipt welcome!

If you pick up at the store, you can get free shipping . If you live near our store (Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture), please use it. Equipped with parking lot and forklift .

Return guarantee

◎ 1 year catch guarantee!

This product can be returned if it cannot be captured within one year of purchase (*Please note that this is limited to products that are not deformed or malfunction).

*Regarding return guarantee : Freight charges for product shipping and returns are not eligible for refunds. If this guarantee is applied, the refund will be the amount after deducting the fare from the total amount. Please note that if the returned product is deformed or malfunctions, it will not be covered by the warranty.

Please check before ordering

About box trap delivery

This product is basically a Fukuyama Transporting office stop .

When ordering, please check the nearest sales office from the list of Fukuyama -dori offices and specify the location.

The packing style is a state in which each panel is stacked and fixed on a pallet. (6 sheets for 1 unit) If it is 1 or 2 units, it can be loaded on a light truck or minivan.

If you are far from our sales office, we also accept direct delivery. Please select "direct delivery to the specified address (car delivery)" displayed on the product page.

* Even if it is a direct delivery, it will be delivered by heavy cargo mixed cargo and will be handed over on the vehicle (consignee unloads from the delivery truck). Please use unloading equipment such as a forklift or multiple people who can work.

* Broadcast fees may be charged separately depending on the designated area. In that case, please note that we may charge an additional relay fee. In the case of remote islands, it may be detained at the port. In addition, there are some areas where we cannot deliver heavy items, so please contact us for details.

It's a sturdy box trap.

Robust structure that can withstand beasts!

A φ4mm wire mesh (mesh: 50mm x 50mm) is used, and each part is reinforced with multiple reinforcing bars of different diameters, making it an extremely robust structure.

A box trap with many ingenuity

Don't miss the captured beast!

It has a prevention mechanism to prevent the caught prey from being lifted from inside the box trap. In addition, a stopper bar is included to prevent the door from accidentally falling during installation. It takes a lot of effort to assemble box traps if you're not used to it, but Inohoi's box traps are popular for being easy to set even for beginners.

Easy-to-handle box trap

Reduce the hassle of moving!

The depth is 0.2m shorter than the box trap medium size single door , and the weight is about 10kg lighter than the medium size single door due to the change in the reinforcing bar length, so it is troublesome to move and install. can be reduced.

More than 10,000 units have been sold in the series! *As of December 2018.

◯ It is a [single door] type with a drop door only on one side.

◯ 0.8m wide x 0.8m high x 1.6m deep, which is slightly smaller than the standard size for capturing medium to large animals such as wild boars and deer.
The length of the wire rope for hanging the door is about 176 cm.

◯ It is a disassembly / assembly type, and each side is connected with the attached wire clip and assembled.

◯ We are making improvements every day, and we are incorporating ideas everywhere to catch highly cautious beasts.

Working Principle of Trigger

◯ Kick string type trigger.

◯ Tighten the kick string and tie it to the washer on the device to complete the set.

◯ Various applications are possible, such as placing a dead tree inside the box trap and connecting kick strings.

Customers will need to prepare kicking strings separately, as everyone will have to come up with various ideas.

◯ Many people use hard-to-see threads such as piano wire and stainless steel wire for sewing.

How to install a single door

◯ Assemble according to the instructions included with the product.

◯ Prepare bait to attract. The base is rice bran.

◯ Sprinkle food around and inside the trap while reading the behavior of the target beast.

◯ Set the kick string so that both doors will fall.

◯ When the beast touches the kick string, the door hanging wire comes off the trigger and the door falls.

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Product specifications

大きさ 幅0.8m×高さ0.8m×奥行1.6m
重さ 扉10~25kg前後、総重量約70kg
付属品 落とし扉ストッパー、扉つり上げ用ワイヤロープ、組み立て用ワイヤクリップ、組み立て要領・設置要領説明書
備考 工具(レンチ等)と蹴り糸のみお客様にて準備いただきます。あとは届いた商品ですぐに仕掛けられます。※ワイヤークリップのボルトはM10となりますので17mmのレンチをご利用下さい。
塗装 錆び止め塗装1回塗り(グレー)

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