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Fare Asahi Shiki Box Trap Single Door (For Maintenance/Replacement)

Fare Asahi Shiki Box Trap Single Door (For Maintenance/Replacement)






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For customers using our box traps for wild boars and deer, it is sold as a single door part, which is convenient when the door is damaged or when you want to use one door as a double door. *Parts other than the door part are not included. All over Japan can be shipped directly !

Compatible box traps are the following 3 types

This product is compatible with the following box traps. Please select one type when adding to cart. If you would like to purchase a complete set instead of a single item, please click each product photo below.

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Product specifications

重さ 扉15~35kg前後
付属品 落とし扉ストッパー、扉つり上げ用ワイヤロープ
備考 連結用のワイヤークリップ等は別途お買い求めください。
塗装 錆び止め塗装1回塗り(グレー)

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