Fare Asahi Shiki Box Trap Single Trigger (for Maintenance/Replacement)

Fare Asahi Shiki Box Trap Single Trigger (for Maintenance/Replacement)

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*It will take about 6 weeks from ordering to shipping as it is made to order. Also, please note that it may not fit depending on the mesh size and box trap size.

It is a single trigger for adjusting the installation location of the kick string by changing the mounting position of the trigger. Use a wire clip or wire to fix it to any location.

About the trigger mounting position

Depending on the mounting position of the trigger, the device may not work well.
As shown in the figure on the right, the trigger of our box trap is placed at the highest point of the mesh. It is possible to change the trigger position horizontally from this position, but if the height (vertical direction) of the installation position is changed, the device will not work well.

If you purchase the trigger alone, please carefully check the box trap to be installed and consider it. In addition, it is designed to fit our store's box trap big size and medium size mesh, but when attaching to other box traps, please check if the trigger fits the mesh size.
*It cannot be attached to box traps with a mesh width of less than 70mm.


Compatible box traps are the following 3 types

This product is compatible with the following box traps. If you would like to purchase a complete set, please click on each product photo below.

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