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Fare Asahi Shiki Monkey Box Trap [Single Door]

Fare Asahi Shiki Monkey Box Trap [Single Door]

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This is one of our box traps designed to catch monkeys. φ4mm wire mesh (mesh size: 50mm x 50mm) is used, and the entire perimeter of the mesh is edged with 3 steel bars of different diameters. *Capture of small animals such as cucurbits, civets, and badgers is also possible.

Find a location where you can see the monkeys well when they search for food or move around and set it up. Weighing only about 40 kg, the trap is lighter than larger box traps, making it easy to change its installation location according to the behavior of the herd. *"Fare Asahi-shiki" is a registered trademark of REFACTORY Corporation (registration number: No. 6179294).

Monkey Capture Procedures

Location of monkey box traps

Most important is the installation location

In capturing monkeys, the most important factor is location, the second is bait, and the third is baiting technique (making the monkeys feel secure). Monkeys are diurnal animals and their behavior is easy to track. We need to know the behavior of the herd and find a place where we can see the monkeys as they search for food and move about.

bait for trapping monkeys

food selection

Crops and fruits (pumpkin, sweet potato, potato, mandarin orange, apple, corn, oyster, pear, etc.) are used as attractants, depending on the region. The higher the population density, the more likely they are to compete for food, making them easier to capture. Fresh and conspicuous bait is recommended.

Point of monkey capture

About feeding

As soon as the box trap is set up, they will be wary of the trap and will not be able to catch it easily. First, keep the trap door from falling down and place bait around the trap. When they start to eat the food, put food in the box trap (first at the entrance, then at the center, then at the back), and when they start to eat the food in the back, set the trap so that the door will fall down.

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Product specifications

Size 0.8m (W) x 0.8m (H) x 1.3m (D)
Weight Total weight approx. 40kg
Accessories Drop door stopper, wire rope for door lifting, wire clips for assembly, instructions for assembly and installation
Remarks Only tools (wrenches, etc.) and kicking string need to be prepared by the customer. The rest can be set up immediately with the delivered product.
Paint One coat of rust-proof paint (gray)

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