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Fare Asahi Shiki Boar and Deer Enclosure Trap Big Size [Single Door]

Fare Asahi Shiki Boar and Deer Enclosure Trap Big Size [Single Door]

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* "Fare Asahi Shiki" is a registered trademark of refactory Co., Ltd. (registration number: 6179294).

Please check before ordering

About box trap delivery

This item will be held at Fukuyama Express office.

When placing an order, please confirm the nearest Fukuyama Express office from the list of Fukuyama Express offices and specify the office.

The packing style is a state in which each panel is stacked and fixed on a pallet. (6 sheets for 1 unit) If it is 1 or 2 units, it can be loaded on a light truck or minivan.

If you are far from our sales office, we also accept direct delivery. Please select "direct delivery to the specified address (car delivery)" displayed on the product page.

* Even if it is a direct delivery, it will be delivered by heavy cargo mixed cargo and will be handed over on the vehicle (consignee unloads from the delivery truck). Please use unloading equipment such as a forklift or multiple people.

* A relay fee may be charged separately depending on the specified area. In such cases, please note that an additional relay fee may be charged. In the case of remote islands, the shipment may be left at the port. Also, there are areas where heavy items cannot be delivered due to lack of shipping service.

It's a sturdy box trap.

Robust structure that will hold its own against animals!

Inohoi's box trap for large animals is not made of inexpensive wire mesh, which is available on the market, but uses deformed reinforcing bars, with 3 quarter bars (about 9 mm) welded to all parts of the lattice mesh. In addition, it is reinforced at key points with 4' and 5' reinforcing bars, making it a very robust structure. The big size is popular for its high capture rate.

A box trap with many ingenuity

Captured animal cannot escape!

A prevention mechanism is provided to prevent captured prey from being lifted from inside the box trap. A stopper bar is also included to prevent the door from falling accidentally during installation. Assembling a box trap is very labor-intensive if you are not used to it, but Inohoi's box traps are well received by beginners because they can be set easily.

Unlicensed enclosure trap

No hunting license required if conditions are met

This is an enclosed trap type where more than half of the top surface is open. Normally, a hunting license and hunter registration are required to set up a trap, but a license is not required for enclosed traps if the conditions are met. *Permit criteria may differ depending on the area, so please be sure to check with the relevant section of the local government in advance.

Enclosure trap type with the highest capture rate

◯ This product is a single door type with a drop door on one side only. Click here for the double door type .

◯ The left side of the photo shows the enclosure trap big size, and the right side shows the box trap big size. The top surface is released when viewed from the beast's perspective, which seems to reduce the alertness of the target animal.

◯ More than half of the top surface is open. The top surface of our enclosure trap has a "creeping back" structure that makes the fence appear higher than it actually is when viewed from the animal's perspective.

◯ It is a disassembly / assembly type, and each side is connected and assembled with the included wire clips.

Unlicensed enclosure trap

Trigger (mechanism) operating principle

◯ Kick string type trigger.

◯ Tighten the kick string and tie it to the washer on the device to complete the set.

◯ Various applications are possible, such as placing dead trees or other objects inside the box trap and connecting the kick line.

◯ Everyone has their own ideas, the kicking threads are prepared separately by the customer.

◯ Many people use threads that are difficult to see, such as piano wire or stainless steel wire for sewing.

How to install a single door

◯ Assemble according to the instructions included with the product.

◯ Prepare bait to attract. The basic ingredient is rice bran.

◯ Bait is spread around and inside the trap while reading the target animal's behavior.

◯ Set the kick string to make the door drop.

◯ When the animal touches the kick string, the door hanging wire comes off the trigger and the door falls.

Click here for customer testimonialsClick here for customer testimonials

Product specifications

Size 1.0m wide x 1.3m high (including 0.3m of creeping back part) x 2.0m deep *Height of door part is 2.0m
Weight Doors approx. 15-35kg, total weight approx. 120kg
Accessories Drop door stopper, wire rope for door lifting, wire clips for assembly, instructions for assembly and installation
Remarks Only tools (wrenches, etc.) and kicking string need to be prepared by the customer. The rest can be set up immediately with the delivered product.
Paint One coat of rust-proof paint (gray)

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