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Mouse trap box trap large size [single door]

Mouse trap box trap large size [single door]

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A small box trap suitable for catching mice. Metal anti-corrosion coating. It has a size of 27.5 cm in total length x 14.5 cm in width x 14.5 cm in height. There is also a small size that is one size smaller.

Easy installation of hanging bait system

〇Set up in places where rats frequently appear, places where feces are falling, feeding places, etc.

〇Since the mesh spacing is narrow, even small mice can be captured without missing. It is economical because it can be captured without using poisonous substances and can be used repeatedly.

〇 Attract the target animal with bait and touch the bait hanging rod inside to close the door and complete the capture. It is also effective for rodents that are similar in body size to rats.

〇 Rats are cautious and learning animals, so various measures may be necessary. This product is also recommended if you have tried other methods and the effect is getting weaker.

* To avoid injury, never allow children to touch it. It is necessary to inform people who may approach the area about the trap in advance and never touch it.

*When setting the trap, be careful not to touch the open mouth of the trap directly with your hands or fingers. To avoid accidentally pinching your hand, be sure to place the food between the chopsticks when placing the food.

▲This is a video explaining how to set the trap.

Click here for the top of the mouse countermeasure corner>>

Product specifications

大きさ 全長27.5cm×幅14.5cm×高さ14.5cm
重さ 総重量約500g

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