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Stand alone for Kukuri Trap Strong

Stand alone for Kukuri Trap Strong

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*Not compatible with the Fare Asahi Shiki Trap that was previously sold at our store.

Only the pedestal suitable for the tread of the Kukuri Trap Strong is sold separately. Please purchase if the pedestal is damaged when the prey rampages during capture, or if you lose it after being kicked away.

By changing the number of toothpicks stuck in the pedestal, you can adjust the load that activates the tying trap.

Please check before ordering

About the size of the tying trap

Due to daily improvements, the size is slightly different from the previous pedestal.

Please be sure to check the size of your tread before purchasing so that there is no malfunction.

The diameter of the tying trap that can be used varies depending on the area where the capture activity is carried out. Please check in advance which of the following 1 to 3 applies, and select the appropriate size.

1: In order to prevent erroneous capture of Asian black bears, etc., areas where the diameter of the ring of the leg tie wire (minor diameter in the case of an ellipse) exceeds 12 cm is prohibited.

2: Areas where the regulation of 1 above has been relaxed and traps with a ring diameter (minor diameter in the case of an ellipse) exceeding 15 cm are prohibited.

3: Areas where it is possible to use traps with a ring diameter exceeding 12 cm to capture the increasing number of wild boars and sika deer.

*Even within the same prefecture, regulations may differ depending on the area. For details, please contact the section in charge of the local government in the area where you conduct the capture activities.

Single sale of the pedestal

This page is a single sales page for the pedestal only. Recommended for those who have springs and treads, and those who are missing only the pedestal. * When setting up, it is necessary to set the tread and spring. Click here for a product that includes a tread and pre-assembled springs.

Trap Tread Treads


Bury the attached PVC pipe pedestal in the ground, use a toothpick to adjust the load, and place the footboard on top of it. When the beast steps on the tread, the tread drops into the pedestal and the rail bounces upwards.

Kukuri Trap Operation Video

spring set

spring part

It is an essential part of a tying trap that consists of wires and springs. Attach the wire loop (snare) that wraps around the animal's legs to the rail of the footboard and use it by compressing the spring.

Kukuri trap capture video

We also sell replacement trap parts.

The treads can be used many times as long as they do not break, but the parts used for the springs are consumables. We also sell replacement parts starting from 1 piece.

Components of a tying trap

We also recommend a self- made kit that is a bargain with each component set.
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