Obligation to submit tails with proof of the number of wild boars caught

イノシシ捕獲数証明 尻尾の提出義務付け

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries will tighten the system from April next year in response to a series of cases in which hunters who exterminate birds and animals that are harmful to agriculture and forestry receive illegal rewards from local governments.

Until now, the methods of certifying prey such as tails, ears, and tusks varied among the municipalities that served as the point of contact for the payment. It became a thing.

In 2013, the national government began subsidizing wildlife extermination in an attempt to reduce damage to crops. For wild boars, deer and bears, a maximum of 8,000 yen per head will be charged, and municipalities will pay the hunter a reward. There are places that add their own unit price.

Currently, applications for payment are accepted without on-site confirmation by officials of municipalities, etc., and about 80% of local governments confirmed it with evidence such as photographs and parts of the individual, but the submitted parts such as tails and ears, etc. Shooting rules varied. As a proof method after April next year, it will be compulsory to submit the photo and the tail together.

In the photo, the head is turned to the right, and the date is sprayed on the body. The fraudulent methods that have been clarified so far include applying for photographs taken of the same animal from different angles as a different individual. Since it was the content, it is expected to be improved by this rule revision.

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