Hunting lifted! How's the hunting going this year?

イノシシ シカ狩猟解禁

In many areas, the ban on hunting was lifted on the 15th of this month. Many hunters have started activities targeting wildlife such as pheasants, ducks, wild boars, and deer, and I think many of you may be wondering if this year has started. Information on hunting in various places this year has also come in, and I would like to introduce some of them.


This year as well, the ban on hunting black bears, wild boars, and Japanese deer was lifted to November 1st, which coincided with the lifting of the ban on duck hunting. The number of wild boar sightings was 129, the highest number ever, and the damage is continuing, so we can expect good results from the hunt. The hunting period is until February 15th next year, but sika deer and wild boar hunting is until March 15th.

Miyagi Prefecture

With the lifting of the ban on hunting, you can also see spot-billed ducks being hunted by "drift hunting" in rivers while traveling by car or on foot. The hunting period is until February 15, 2021.

Chiba Prefecture

Wild boars are active. In Tateyama City, the number of wild boars caught in 2020 has already reached a record high. Swine fever-positive wild boars have been confirmed in nearby prefectures, so please cooperate with epidemic prevention measures.

Gunma Prefecture

Damage caused by deer is conspicuous. In Kanra-cho and other areas, apple feeding damage by deer is becoming more serious. The number of captives in the town has already reached a record high of 200 this year.

Toyama Prefecture

The number of main hunting animals such as pheasant, boletus, spot-billed duck, and raccoon dog is about the same as in normal years. The hunting season is until February 15th next year. *Wild boars and sika deer can be hunted with guns and traps until March 31 to prevent crop damage.

Nagano Prefecture

I hear a voice saying, "I have the impression that there are few wild boars, probably due to swine fever." *In order to prevent the spread of swine fever (swine fever) virus due to the movement of people, we are calling for disinfection of boots and vehicle tires. The hunting season will end on February 15th next year, but deer and wild boar trapping will end on March 15th.

Fukui Prefecture

This fall, there have been a series of sightings of Asian black bears and casualties. After capturing, the hunting club is working hard to release them in the mountains and exterminate them. The number of hauntings from April to October this year was 953, the third highest since 2004, when statistics began to be collected. The number of catches was 153 in Reihoku and 31 in Reinan. Of these, 120 in Reihoku and 28 in Reinan, a total of 148, were exterminated, and the overall extermination rate exceeds 80%.

Aichi prefecture

A vigilance system is still in place for swine fever. Municipalities, including areas within a radius of 10 km from the positive swine fever confirmed point of wild boar, are considered positive areas, and when hunting in positive areas, it is called for disinfection.

Positive areas: Nagoya City, Toyohashi City, Okazaki City, Seto City, Kasugai City, Toyokawa City, Toyota City, Nishio City, Gamagori City, Inuyama City, Komaki City, Shinshiro City, Owariasahi City, Nisshin City, Miyoshi City, Nagakute City , Kota Town, Shitara Town, Toei Town, Toyone Village

Yamanashi Prefecture

The number of women who have obtained hunting licenses is rapidly increasing, and it seems that there are many women who have obtained trap hunting licenses. On the other hand, there were many bear sightings, and on the 15th of this month, there was news that a man hunting in the forest of Hokuto City was attacked by a bear and suffered minor injuries to his face. Safety first.

Wakayama Prefecture

I heard that the number of wild boars captured by extermination of harmful birds and beasts has increased significantly in Kushimoto and Kozagawa in the summer, but recently there have been voices saying that there are no wild boars at all due to swine fever in some places. . Since mid-October, infected wild boars have been confirmed for the first time in the three prefectures of Nara, Osaka, and Wakayama. Although the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has taken measures to contain the disease by establishing an oral vaccine belt, the infection is expected to spread further in western Japan. Concerned.

Hyogo Prefecture

Hunting of Asian black bears, which resumed in 2016, was banned again this year after the number fell below the standard of 800 bears. It seems that there are many hunters who mainly target wild boars and deer in big game hunting. Some say that they quickly killed a wild boar on their first hunt. The hunting period for wild boars and Japanese deer is until March 15th, and for other birds and beasts until February 15th.

Okayama Prefecture

Wild boars rampage not only in the mountains but also in the city. On the 20th of this month, a wild boar broke through the glass at the entrance to a hardware store in Minami Ward, Okayama City. About 40 people, including Okayama Minami police officers and local hunting members, came out and arrested him in the store about an hour later.

Fukuoka Prefecture

The wild boar and deer hunting season starts early on November 1st and ends on March 15th. Some say that they have been blessed with a lot of prey from the start.

Other national overviews

In areas where bears inhabit, reports of infestations and damage are being reported one after another.

According to preliminary figures compiled by the Ministry of the Environment, 132 people were injured nationwide by the end of October. By prefecture, Iwate Prefecture (26 people) has the highest number, followed by Niigata Prefecture (14 people), Ishikawa and Fukui Prefectures (12 people). Akita and Niigata prefectures each have one death. The number of hauntings nationwide reached 13,670 from April to September, the highest number in the five years since 2016.

We also hear the effects of infectious diseases. Due to the influence of the new corona, the number of customers who visit restaurants has decreased, and the consumption of game meat has decreased. It seems that there are meat processing facilities that have fallen into severe management.

In addition, a cosplayer who mimics the appearance of "Inosuke Hashibira", the character of "Kimetsu no Yaiba", which is a huge hit nationwide, entered the mountain during the hunting season without permission. There was also a news that took a picture with a boar mask in a prohibited area and became a hot topic. In places where hunting is taking place, there is a possibility of accidental shooting, and from the point of view of the hunter, it is really dangerous and I would like you to stop it.

Due to the influence of typhoons, etc., I think that there are still places where the scaffolding is bad. Be careful not to trip or slip in such places, observe the rules and manners, and enjoy hunting safely this year as well.

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