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Floor plate mounting bracket Solid anchor

Floor plate mounting bracket Solid anchor

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Screw type anchor for unpaved ground. Compatible with all series of Julite, Super Julite and Raku -Rakuban.
It is an easy-to-handle product that strikes a good balance between ease of driving and ease of pulling out.

* Wear gloves and other protective equipment when driving and pulling out.

Solid Anchor How to use

How to hit the ground

Rakuban Anchor

Drive in the anchor shaft with a hammer while turning it clockwise. If you hit it to some extent, the anchor will naturally rotate and enter the ground. Installation is completed if you drive it until it stops rotating.
*When driving, please wear gloves and other protective equipment, and be careful of stones in the ground.

How to remove from the ground

Rakuban Anchor

Pull the anchor out of the ground with a crowbar or nail puller. Insert a screwdriver, etc., and pull the anchor head while turning it counterclockwise. Pull out the anchor while turning it to the end.
* When pulling out, please wear protective equipment such as work gloves.

Product specifications

サイズ 230mm×Φ19mm、頭19mm×60mm
重さ 195g
材質 SS
対応製品 ジュライト・スーパージュライト・らくらくばんの全シリーズ

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