Started operation of Inohoi Forest, where children and adults can experience wildlife control together. We support the development of human resources to protect the forests of our hometowns.

Our shop Inohoi will open "Inohoi Forest" in Kunitomi-cho, Miyazaki Prefecture. In this forest, even ordinary people who do not know much about wildlife damage can make traps to capture wildlife, and release and technical guidance to those who have a hunting license but do not have the land to capture wildlife in a permit system. By doing so, we will carry out activities that can contribute to the training and development of hunters in the future.

Agricultural damage doesn't stop, but there's no one to catch it nearby.

For the past five years, Inohoi has sold over 30,000 bird and animal damage traps to prevent agricultural damage. Many of our customers are new to hunting and catching. The number of cases where we hear such voices has increased.

Currently, more than 15 billion yen of agricultural damage has been confirmed annually, and the lack of human resources to tackle the problem has become a serious problem in areas where the declining birthrate and aging population are progressing. This time, in collaboration with Mr. Matsumoto, a local collaborator in the refactory's local Miyazaki, we will open the Inohoi Forest to solve the problem of lack of human resources for understanding and damage countermeasures against wildlife damage.

I want them to know the forest, touch the animals, and connect with the feeling of protecting their hometown.

At the Inohoi Forest, there are occasional events that allow children to interact with nature, such as catching beetles, harvesting honey from honeybees, and harvesting shiitake mushrooms. On the other hand, for those who have not obtained a hunting license for the first time or who are not very successful in catching traps, we provide a place where they can catch traps under a permit system, and also offer courses on catching traps. We will provide you with opportunities to improve your hunting skills, such as opening a

In addition to the local Miyazaki hunters, the guidance on hunting and capturing is one of the few hunter groups recognized nationwide for their full-scale efforts such as hunting for 300 days without descent as professional hunters for catching harmful birds and beasts. We will strive to improve our technology with the cooperation of TSJ Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Atsushi Nakamura, hereinafter referred to as TSJ).

The performance will start on April 10, 2023. On the day of the performance, you can see various hunting trap exhibits and demonstrations.

Inohoi no Mori will open on April 10, 2023. On the day of the event, you can explore the forest, get in touch with nature and observe insects and plants, and actually touch the traps sold at our store to understand how to catch birds and beasts and the habits of animals. , you can demonstrate the installation work.

In the future, we will announce information on events that will be held in the forest of Inohoi as appropriate on the website of the wildlife damage countermeasure EC site “Inohoi” operated by refactory, and will carry out activities to protect the forest and hometown.
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