Nice to meet you, this is the wildlife damage prevention pro shop "Inohoi".


Our store Inohoi sells various wildlife damage countermeasures, including box traps and tie traps for catching wild boars and deer. We are working hard every day as a store that can satisfy even professionals. We handle a wide range of products, including not only trap products for capturing, but also various products useful for hunting, protective fences and electric fences to prevent intrusion into fields, and repellent products to keep them away.

Manufacture and sell wildlife damage countermeasures that fit your concerns

Our greatest strength is that we handle products with a very good balance between performance and price. We have a wide range of products that can be useful to as many people as possible, not just cheap products with low performance, or products that have good performance but are too expensive.

Capturing a wild boar with a box trap

In particular, box traps and tie traps for catching pests have been developed through a trinity of manufacturing systems to provide high-quality products, field test systems to confirm performance, and development systems by skilled hunters and engineers. We offer products that can be useful to our customers with the motto of "cheap and good catch".

Popular with people all over the country

We have received many favorable comments from farmers, hunters, hunting associations, and government offices nationwide who are involved in pest control.

Introducing Inohoi's Box Trap

Fare Asahi Box Trap

The box trap "Fare Asahi Shiki" for capturing wild boars and deer has exceeded 10,000 total shipments in the series (as of December 2018). It is not made of cheap wire mesh on the market, but is made of a lattice mesh using deformed reinforcing bars, and is welded at all points to increase its strength.

Introducing the Inohoi Trap

Inohoi has a track record of shipping thousands of tying traps annually. "Cheap, easy to use, and catches well" has been well received by many people, from beginners to veterans.

We also handle a large number of electric fences, various repellents, and hunting items, and deliver products to people all over the country who are suffering from agricultural damage, regardless of whether they are individuals or groups.


Examples of delivery to local governments

We delivered 1,500 tying traps to Tsushima City, Nagasaki Prefecture, where wildlife damage caused by deer is serious.

Introduction of measures against wild boars and deer in Tsushima City

Providing not only sales but also know-how for capturing

At Inohoi, we are constantly working to develop and improve our products in collaboration with hunters and experts. Aiming for more efficient wildlife damage control, we are actively utilizing the experiences and opinions of those who face the front lines of the field.

Based on the know-how accumulated there, information pages that convey know-how about hunting and harmful capture, and online seminars in partnership with skilled hunters are held irregularly.

We do not only sell products, but also provide information and know-how that lead to results, so that we can implement more effective wildlife damage countermeasures every day.

Latest seminar information

Exclusive to Ino Hoi members. Free online seminar on hunting and harmful capture!

1st / 2nd time

Customer support system

Our customer support will respond to inquiries from customers. In addition to inquiries about orders and products, we also accept various requests such as quotations and receipts for subsidy applications.

Inohoi Call Center

We can also mail catalogs to customers who wish to receive them, so please feel free to contact us. We accept inquiries by phone, fax, and email.

Add a smile to the polite packaging. We will deliver the product to you in a speedy manner.

We have a partial inventory and manufacturing area in our own warehouse, which greatly reduces the processes from manufacturing to receiving orders and shipping. We have put in place a system that allows us to deliver products to our customers more quickly, and we have received many comments that the packaging is careful and the products arrive quickly.

In addition, we are working on the development of new products in collaboration with hunters, certified wildlife trapping businesses, various material manufacturers, manufacturing plants, and patent attorneys, and we are constantly striving not to neglect research and improvement.

Scene of joint development with a manufacturer

We also take feedback from our customers into consideration, so if you have any concerns about the products you use, please let us know.

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