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Bird blocker hook fitting (1 piece)

Bird blocker hook fitting (1 piece)

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If the frame of the solar panel is U-shaped, this hook metal fitting can be used. It is possible to securely install the fence by hooking the hook metal fittings on the frame and fixing it with the stopper.
*For SHARP panels only, other compatible products are available. Please contact us after confirming the panel you are using.

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Construction method


〇 Hook fittings are used at a pitch of about 34 cm per fence.

*Please be careful when installing the hook bracket as it cannot be reused once attached.

*If you use hook fittings, you will need to prepare the hook fittings and fence again when attaching or detaching the fence for maintenance of solar equipment.

Bird blocker hook hardware
step 1

①Insert the metal fittings

Insert the hook metal fittings into the fence.

Step 2

② Fix the fence

After pulling the hardware and hooking the hook to the frame, push the stopper to secure the fence.

Step 3

③Cut the surplus hook fittings

After fixing, cut the surplus hook metal fittings.

Removal of hook fittings during maintenance

cut the fence

① Cut the fence <

Cut the fence at the maintenance point.

bending the fence

②Fence bending

Fold the fence up.

pulling out the hook

(3) Pulling out the hook

Unhook and pull out.

3 types of fence mounting brackets to choose from

The fence can be securely installed on uneven roofs such as tiled roofs to flat roofs.

Product specifications

サイズ フック金具本体:Φ2mm×125mm/ストッパー:Φ30mm
素材 ステンレス (SUS304)
設置可能厚み ~3mm

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