A stopper that prevents the beast caught in the box trap from escaping.

イノシシ用箱罠ストッパー 扉開放防止装置

A box trap traps animals by luring them into a box-shaped cage.

In particular, wild boars are so strong that they can lift a weight of 50 kilograms with their snouts, and even if they are caught in a box trap, they will desperately try to lift the door from the inside.

Therefore, as a function required for box traps, a "stopper (door opening prevention device)" is required to prevent the fallen door from being lifted.

Example of a stopper for a boar box trap

It would be nice if there was some kind of mechanism to fix the fallen door so that it would not be lifted from the inside after it fell. The most commonly used is a mechanism in which a stick can be inserted when the door falls. For example, consider the figure below. *The size and details are appropriate, but please forgive me.

Example of stopper mechanism

In this schematic diagram, when the door is raised, the stopper does not function and the door can be moved up and down. It is designed to enter and become a stick.

I think it's hard to understand from the diagram, so I'll introduce it in the video below (from 3:01 in the video ). Although the mechanism is slightly different from the above diagram, the principle is the same.

Also, even if you do not use a spring, if you make a hole in the door as shown in the figure below and let the stopper drop by its own weight in advance, when the door drops, the stopper will enter the hole and the door will be locked. will be

Example 2 of stopper mechanism

In addition, each company has devised various ideas, and there are a wide variety of stopper methods. Among them, in the case of our box trap, it is a handle method, and when the door is lifted with the handle turned upside down, the stopper rod enters the mesh to prevent the door from being lifted. (from 0:38 in the video).

Box traps without stoppers are dangerous

If you use a box trap without a stopper, the trapped beast may lift the door and escape. It is very dangerous because there is a possibility that the beast will counterattack. As you can see in the video below, you can see him trying to escape by lifting the door (from 0:57 in the video ).

Also, among the products on the market, there are box traps that claim to be cheap, but actually use wire mesh that is weak in strength. There are many products that look similar at first glance, but it is necessary to check the details of the specifications and be careful not to select only based on the price.

If a beast is caught in a box trap

If you find that a beast is caught in a box trap, don't approach it suddenly. In the case of a large game, it is recommended that you do not try to deal with it by yourself, but ask for reinforcements from someone who can stop you with a gun, or be prepared to deal with it.

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