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Bird blocker telescopic bracket [with strong double-sided tape for outdoor use]

Bird blocker telescopic bracket [with strong double-sided tape for outdoor use]

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Post metal fittings that can securely hold the fence to the solar panel. Please choose the size according to the height of the gap. * Strong double-sided tape for outdoor use is attached to the bottom and top of the metal fittings. We also recommend caulking with a bond after gluing.

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Countersunk screw size that can be selected according to the height of the gap

Installable gap

Choose from 4 different lengths according to the height of the gap (If the height of the gap is unknown, please order a set of 4 countersunk screws).

- Countersunk screw S
- Countersunk screw M
- Countersunk screw L
- Countersunk screw LL
- Set of 4 countersunk screws
Installable gap


〇 Consider the allocation to install the bird blocker. Arrange metal fittings in a well-balanced manner within 1m intervals or corners.

〇Since the size of the panel differs depending on the manufacturer, the actual layout should be handled according to the current situation.

〇 If there is unevenness such as a tiled roof, bend the bottom of the telescopic metal fittings and install and adhere them. Make cuts in the fence with metal scissors or nippers, and pour it outside, being careful not to leave any gaps.


Construction method

step 1

① Measure the gap dimension

Measure the clearance dimension [A] of the installation location (Depending on the allocation situation, it may be installed under the mounting rail [B] or under the decorative cover [C]).

Step 2

②Affix the extension metal fittings

Peel off the release paper from the double-sided tape on the expansion fittings, and install them at intervals of up to 1m and near the corners.

Step 3

③ Attach the fence

Install the fence as shown. At this time, bend the remaining part of the lower part of the fence to the outside.

3 types of fence mounting brackets to choose from

The fence can be securely installed on uneven roofs such as tiled roofs to flat roofs.

Product specifications

サイズ 幅45×奥行64 (mm) ※組立後
素材 ステンレス (SUS304) (屋外用強力両面テープ<3M社製>)
設置可能隙間及び重量 皿ネジS:38~58mm/82g 皿ネジM:58~78mm/88g 皿ネジL:78~98mm/91g 皿ネジLL:98~118mm/94g

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