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Aluminum clamp (sleeve oval)

Aluminum clamp (sleeve oval)


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Aluminum clamp tube (aluminum sleeve) used for bundling φ4-6mm wire ropes for tying traps. Twice (back and forth) through crimping twice for securing. Four aluminum clamp tubes are used for each pair of leg traps. Use the special swager tool to crimp. *The swager is not included, so please purchase it separately.

How to crimp aluminum clamps

◯ First, pass the wire rope through the hole in the sleeve, fold it back and pass it through again. Determine the size of the wire rope loop and crimp it with a swager. *This product is crimped in two places.

◯ Please refer to the video for how to assemble a kukuri trap, including the crimping method (at the beginning there is a crimping method using an arm swager).

◯ If you use radio pliers instead of crimping pliers to crimp the wire, the wire may not be crimped properly and the wire may come off.

Components of a tying trap

For those who do not have their own tools, we recommend the pre-assembled spring set.
We also accept bulk sales of parts, starting from 1 unit (see the link below).
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