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Tiger Natural Enemy Chive Bakuoneki Trisatta TTN-T4

Tiger Natural Enemy Chive Bakuoneki Trisatta TTN-T4


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Use real bird screams to drive away birds. You can select from 6 patterns of screams and sweep sounds (electronic sounds) emitted when birds feel fear, depending on targets such as crows, sparrows, and starlings. It can be used simply by connecting to a commercially available DC12V battery.

Product features

◯ Easy operation on the back panel All settings such as voice and interval can be easily set on the operation panel on the back of the main unit.

◯ Drive away with selectable voice patterns Crow pattern 1, crow pattern 2, crow pattern 1+2, sparrow, starling, sweep sound (electronic sound) can be switched with a dial switch.

◯Driving interval to prevent getting used to it Because the pronunciation interval can be changed, it is a specification that prevents getting used to it and the effect lasts.

◯ Easy installation by just hanging You can easily install it by connecting the main unit to the battery (sold separately) and hanging it on a tree or pole.

Easy installation and excellent convenience

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Product specifications

設置場所 果樹園
電源 DC12V(別売、バッテリー容量40Ahで約4週間使用可能)
電源コード 長さ5m、接続部分はワニグチクリップ
有効範囲 約3反(環境により変化する場合があります)
音の大きさ 最大95デシベル(スピーカー正面10m地点)
運転間隔 作動12秒(休止約30秒〜約30分毎)
サイズ 高さ40cm×幅20cm×奥行20cm

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