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Barbed iron plate Ⅱ (narrow type) steel

Barbed iron plate Ⅱ (narrow type) steel

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The beast is repelled by thorns with a height of 6 mm and an interval of 11 mm. Do not let the beast climb fruit trees, trees, posts, etc. The thin type makes it easy to wrap around the fence, and it is easy to install by simply attaching it to the fence with the included tie band. Steel is cheap and easy to work with.

Repel animals with sharp thorns!

Target animals: monkeys, palm civets, raccoons, raccoon dogs, weasels, etc.

〇It is especially effective for animals that are good at climbing trees such as orchards. If you watch the video, you can see how the monkey is frightened by the spikes and runs away from the fence.

〇 Can be cut with household scissors. Cut it according to the size of the place to be wrapped, and fix the center with a wire.

〇The service life is about 4 to 5 years (depending on the environment).

Precautions for installation

〇When handling, be sure to wear thick gloves such as leather gloves.

〇Avoid installing in a place where people can easily touch it.

〇 Please install signboards, etc. to call attention as necessary.

〇 This product does not hurt animals.

〇 Do not use for purposes other than animal avoidance.

barbed iron plate

You can choose between thick and thin types.

Product specifications

材質 スチール
長さ 80cm
厚さ 0.2mm
山の高さ 6mm
入数 60枚

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