Wild boars appear one after another in Toyama Prefecture


On October 7, the police and other authorities strengthened patrols and called for caution in the morning of October 8, following a series of sightings of wild boars in the cities of Nanto and Tonami in western Toyama Prefecture. Around 2:30 pm on the 7th, a light passenger car and a large truck running in Nanto City collided with a wild boar.

Furthermore, 30 minutes after the accident, a wild boar invaded the premises of a private house in Tonami City, about 3 kilometers away from the site. Since the morning of the 8th, police have been patrolling the area where the sightings occurred, but no wild boars have been confirmed, and they are calling for caution. Also, in the early hours of the 10th, an accident occurred in Toyama City where a wild boar jumped out onto the road and collided with a passenger car.

It is believed that one adult wild boar and two juvenile wild boars were lined up in a line and crossed the road when they collided with a passenger car. After the collision, a juvenile wild boar about 50 centimeters long was found and died on the spot.

Furthermore, in the early afternoon, a juvenile wild boar that was believed to have collided with the same car was found near the site. He was unable to move due to an injury to his right leg, and was captured around 4:00 pm on the 10th. Police have warned that an adult wild boar may be in the vicinity, as it has yet to be found.

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