A thorough explanation of how to avoid pigeons!

鳩よけ方法 防鳥剣山・ワイヤー 忌避剤

Pigeons, which are often seen outdoors, are familiar birds to Japanese people, but when they settle near human habitation areas, they cause various damages.

For example, pigeons frequently appear on the veranda, causing them to squeal "Po! Po!" or drop feces near the laundry. Pigeons have a habit of sticking to places they like, and the higher the sticking level, the more serious the damage.

Therefore, it is necessary to carry out "dove avoidance" before the obsession level increases.

Know your pigeon's obsession level

By understanding the current level of pigeon attachment before implementing specific pigeon repellent measures, it will be easier to implement the measures more effectively.

You can tell how attached a pigeon is by how it uses the space. The higher the level below, the more obsessive and the more serious the damage.

Level 1: relatively mild

At this stage, some people may not even notice the damage. However, the area is already within pigeon range. At this level, pigeons use the area primarily as a resting place during the day.

Examples of recognizable damage include, "I feel like I'm seeing more pigeons on the balcony and roof during the day," "I'm worried about their singing," and "I'm hearing the sound of flapping their wings more often." "The laundry was soiled with faeces and feathers."

Level 2: Mild

At this stage, the damage becomes noticeable. Pigeons use the area as a waiting area with other pigeons. As with Level 1, the damage will be seen during the day, but will gradually stay longer.

As for the details of the damage, it will be recognized as the level 1 damage that has become more serious. For example, "they cry loudly", "the wings are loud", "they drop a lot of feces", and "they start to smell bad".

Level 3: Severe

At this stage, damage occurs not only during the day, but also during the evening and night. The reason is that the pigeons will also use the place as a sleeping place.

Examples of damage include "the noise level of their cries and wings is too loud" and "there is always feces and you can't open the window because of the stench". If left alone at this stage, it will soon lead to the next stage, Level 4.

Level 4: Severe

It is a stage where it has progressed one step further from using it as a sleeping place at level 3 above, and has begun to take actions such as nest building and breeding (laying eggs).

As a result of the paired pigeons judging that place to be the best place to build a nest for their young, they will not move from that place due to their homing instinct and territorial awareness. Multiple birds will be resident, but when eggs hatch from there, the number of pigeons will increase further. The breeding season for pigeons is from March to November, which is longer than other birds. During this period, pigeons lay eggs 5 times on average, and sometimes up to 7 times.

As the number of pigeons increases, the amount of droppings also increases at an accelerated rate, but since pigeon droppings are strongly acidic, they corrode and deteriorate metal parts, paint, and concrete. Not only can it cause bad odors, but it can also cause pests, clog drain pipes, and attract rats.

Level 5: Very Severe

The above damage spreads not only to the location but also to surrounding areas. Neighboring areas that were previously undamaged will now be affected, and in the case of apartment complexes, many residents of the same building will be aware of the damage.

For example, in the case of a condominium, if a professional enters a room with serious damage and takes measures, the first action taken by the pigeons is to repeatedly attack for a while to see if they can somehow return to the place where the measures were taken.

As a result, when they realize that they cannot return, they tend to move to a nearby area such as "next door" or "opposite".

The important thing is early pigeon avoidance (pigeon avoidance) measures

It is important to implement pigeon repellent at the lowest level of the above as possible.

However, even if you call a professional contractor to take measures at a low level, the cost will be high, and even if the damage is stopped once by the measures, there is a risk of recurrence.

If it recurs and calls a professional each time, the cost will increase. Therefore, it is important to know self-defense measures that can be done while the damage is minor, and to implement effective measures against pigeons that you can do yourself, rather than leaving everything up to the contractor every time.

Here, we will introduce the pigeon repellent products according to each level described above.

Damage level 1 pigeon repellent product

The easiest method is repellent spray . Keep pigeons away with scents that have a repellent effect on pigeons. Although the effect lasts for a short time, it is characterized by the fact that it can be used without worrying about its appearance and that it is easy to introduce.

If you know where the pigeons are coming from, solid or gel repellents are more likely to last longer. * If you don't want to put the solid type or gel type because of its appearance, we recommend spraying it frequently.

Damage level 2 pigeon repellent product

We recommend using both a repellent spray and a solid type. It is also a good idea to focus on applying the gel type. It's also a good idea to introduce a gel-type repellent that is highly effective and used by professionals .

At this stage, it is already recognized as a comfortable place for pigeons .

Damage level 3 pigeon repellent product

The best recommendation is to see a professional when you start to see signs of this level. Pigeons have become so attached that repellents alone are difficult to repel.

After removing and cleaning the droppings, we will physically keep them out of the way with bird-proof swords. If you sleep in the space between the solar panels, there is also a dedicated pigeon repellent measure .

Damage level 4 or higher

When damage level 4 or higher, call a professional first rather than self-defense. Even after the problem has been solved by professional measures, continue frequent cleaning, avoidance, and physical measures to prevent recurrence.


I don't mean to be alarming by any means, but pigeons are everywhere, and even where they haven't seen damage so far, there's always the potential for damage in the future. It is better to know the "pigeon repellent" method to prevent damage, so please refer to the above.

Also, at any stage, the basic measures are to avoid placing unnecessary objects where pigeons are likely to come, and to frequently clean up feathers and droppings. It is a good idea to keep this in mind on a daily basis.

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