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Pigeon repellent "peacon" gel type

Pigeon repellent "peacon" gel type

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Recommended as a preventive measure before pigeons settle in! The scent that pigeons dislike stimulates the olfactory sense, the gel sticking to the legs and wings stimulates the tactile sense by making it feel sticky and unpleasant, and eating the gel makes the taste unpleasant and stimulates the sense of taste. Keep pigeons away with three stimuli.

The sticky discomfort caused by the special gel agent and the special ingredients keep the pigeons away. Compared to the solid type and spray type , which are easy to introduce, it is the most powerful type and has an effect period of about 1 year. It has excellent weather resistance and heat resistance, and does not flow out even at high temperatures of 150°C.

Click here for the most powerful gel-type repellent "Bird Free" among our pigeon repellents.

Points to note for effectiveness

Gel type installation

○ Pigeons have a strong homing instinct, and once they settle in, they will persistently try to return even if they are driven away. Please note that the effect may not appear in the following cases.

- There are pigeon feeding grounds, playgrounds, nests, eggs, chicks, etc. nearby.
- The smell of pigeon droppings remains.
- A place where you have already settled or have lived in the past.
- If it rains after spraying the repellent.

○ If no effect is seen, we recommend physical countermeasures against pigeons, such as installing bird- proof sword mounts .

Gel type effect

If used early in the arrival of the pigeons, it can create a space that the pigeons will not approach. You can expect recurrence prevention by continuing to use it even if you are no longer close to it.

Immediately after installation

① Immediately after application

When you apply the gel on the bait, you can see how it is observed from a distance.

It's been a while since I installed

(2) When approaching the application area. . .

There is a pigeon who bravely took a step forward in area ①, but left immediately.

some time after installation

(3) Obvious avoidance effect

The pigeons that approached the place of ② moved away and did not come near because their legs were uncomfortable.

how to use

Gel type installation method

○ The effectiveness of the repellent will be halved if there is a foul-smelling object such as pigeon droppings or feathers, or if there is a feeding area nearby. Before installing the repellent, be sure to remove any dirt such as feces.

○Since pigeons often perch on railings, partition walls, balconies, and window frames, please apply the tube there. If you put a masking tape on the place where you use it, it will be easier to clean up afterwards.

○ A caulking gun is required for use. Please prepare a commercially available product.

Application example

Apply on the outdoor unit

① Above the outdoor unit

While pressing the caulking gun, alternately apply to the left and right in a width of 2 to 3 cm.

Apply to the back and bottom of the outdoor unit

② Behind or under the outdoor unit

It can be easily applied to places where physical measures are difficult to take.

Apply to the wiring of the outdoor unit

③ Wiring of the outdoor unit

It can be easily applied even on wiring.

Pigeon measures according to the situation

Among birds, pigeons have a particularly strong homing instinct, and once they have settled in, they will persistently try to stay even if they are driven away. The following products can physically prevent birds from flying by simply installing them in places where birds gather. It is recommended when avoidance by odor is not effective.

Bird-proof sword mountain (spike) Bird-proof sword mountain (spike) Simply install it in a place where birds gather to prevent them from flying in and protect your comfortable life from annoying droppings. Due to its unique patented structure, even beginners can easily install it while looking at the instruction manual.
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Anti-bird mesh (wire mesh) Anti-bird mesh (wire mesh) It is a special net to firmly block the gap between the roof and the solar panel, which is especially easy for pigeons to settle in. Dedicated metal fittings and fencing with excellent workability allow it to fit various shapes such as flat roofs as well as tiled roofs.
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Product specifications

容量 285g
成分 エチルカルビトール、BHT、イソプロビルアルコール、ハト忌避香料
効果期間 約1年間
効果発揮までの期間 約2〜3週間

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